Nutrition components
(per daily dose 3 capsules)

Vitamin B1 0.8 mg 80% RDA *
Vitamin B2 0.88 mg 88% RDA *
Vitamin B6 1.35 mg 135% RDA *
Vitamin B12 150 mg 5000% RDA *
Folic acid 132 µg 66% RDA *
Vitamin B5 3.69 mg 61.5% RDA *
Vitamin B3 9.97 mg 62.31% RDA *
Chromium chelate 555 µg
Inositol 230.77 mg
L-carnitine tartrate 230.77 mg
Lysine 230.77 mg
Methionine 92.31 mg
Choline bitartrate 461.54 mg
Chitosan 230.77 mg
*RDA - Recommended Dietary Allowance, defined based on 2000 kcal (8400 kJ) diet.


Combined fat burner (capsules)

• Fat-burning combination which promotes the breakdown of fat stores (mainly subcutaneous ones) and prevents new fat deposition in these regions.

• Contains lipotropic substances (inositol, choline and methionine), which activate fat metabolism and reduction of liver fat.

• Includes chromium (chelate), which stabilizes the blood insulin level and prevents the conversion of glucose to fat.

• Contains L-carnitine, whichis utilised in the transport of long-chain fatty acids

• Contains a vitamin B-complex, which boosts metabolism and the body’s protective powers.

• Main ingredient of the product is the polysaccharide Chitosan, isolated from the shells of shellfish, which has the following properties:

• Binds the fats into the gastrointestinal system and eliminates them without reabsorption.

• Decreases the plasma cholesterol level thus helping prevent cardiovascular diseases.

• Has an anti-constipation effect.

• Eliminates the bile acids and operates as an anticancerogenic agent.

• The substance is manufactured using advanced technology by NEUBER GmbH, Austria.

Ingredients: Lipozan premix.

Dosage: 1-2 capsules, three times a day 30-60 min before meals.

Packaging: 90 capsules of 500 mg.

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