Nutrition components
(per daily dose 6 tablets)

Leucine 3600 mg
Isoleucine 1800 mg
Valine 1800 mg
*RDA - Recommended Dietary Allowance, defined based on 2000 kcal (8400 kJ) diet.

BCAA 7200

Branched chain amino acids (tablets)

• Combination of the branched chain essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine providing optimal absorption in the digestive system.

• Facilitates the positive nitrogen balance since the amino acids participate in the anabolic pathways and are used actively in meeting the body’s plastic needs.

• Activates phosphorilation in the skeletal muscles and increases the activity of key enzymes for the protein synthesis.

• Pronounced anti-catabolic effect - protects against the catabolism of already synthesized muscle proteins.

Ingredients: BCAA premix.

Dosage: 6 tablets a day, distributed in 2 intakes of 3 tablets or 3 intakes of 2 tablets with the main meals.

Packaging: 120 tablets

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